Unlike Hummus, Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization, a part of a group of extremist Islamist terrorist organizations in the region, including al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram and the Nusra Front.



Israel puts on a show for the world’s media by reminding them over and over again how they tell Palestinian civilians to “evacuate” (which is an insult in itself since they’re not allowed to leave Gaza due to the illegal blockade), but the reality on the ground is that they tell Palestinians ‘we will kill you no matter where you go - you are our targets’ by bombing all the places they’re taking shelter in - ambulances, hospitals and UN schools.

This post is despicable. Israel would never purposely target innocent civilians.The only reason why there are so many deaths in Gaza is because Hamas tells people in Gaza to STAY in homes to be BOMBED. The hospital was bombed because Hamas was keeping weapons in there, making Israel target Hamas NOT innocent civilians. This is a shameful post. Educate yourself. 

Israel has also made a safety zone for the Palestinians to go to that is safe from any bombings and warns Gaza MULTIPLE times before any bombings. Hamas is forcing them to stay in their homes when they can be safe, putting their own civilians in danger. You shouldn’t talk when you don’t know all the facts. Don’t be ignorant.


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